Slider Crash Protector Frame Suzuki GSX-S750

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With more than 30 years of experience in the motorcycle circle to design for a motorcycle rider.
Thai Moto Parts to present

Slider Crash Protector Frame Suzuki GSX-S750

Slider crash protector according to design engineering principles reduce the severity of accidents  that will happen to your motorcycle and the rider's body

Certified by the rider passed the test both from the racetrack And outside that can prevent and good use 

Guaranteed by selling more than 50 sets per month in domestic.

Ready to protect your moto

Detail :

Quantity: 1 Set

Material : Bracket base => Aluminum
Head crash => Superlene Nylon
Bolt => Stainless (SUS304)

Color: Black, Blue, Red, Gold

Fit on: Suzuki GSX-S750

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